My name is Siggy. I’m 39 and the proud mother of Elliott who is 15. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark where I study anthropology at the University of Copenhagen. I am definitely what you could call a late bloomer! Living life backwards in a way.

I got married at 21 and had Elliott a few years later. I have worked as a Greenpeace activist, a journalist, a web-editor an actress and a bartender at a strip club! At 36 I decided to realize my dream of going to university and 3 years on I’m loving it..

After becoming single in March of 2017 I decided to use travel and adventure as a way of moving on from heartbreak and getting to know myself as an individual. My first trip was Bali in June and July 2017, where I lived at an amazing co-living and co-working space in Ubud called Roam (www.roam.co). My month in Bali was wonderful and tough. It was such a big change being on my own and on top of that in a country on the other side of the world. But by taking advantage of the wonders of co-living, I quickly made amazing friends and slowly built up my courage as a solo traveler.

Since Bali I have been to Paris, wandering the streets alone (and with friends made along the way) for 8 days, been on a 5-week backpacking tour of Vietnam, travelled to Ajman and Dubai and now I am embarking on a two month trip to South East Asia. On this trip, I plan on visiting Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma and maybe the Philippines.

Visit me on Instagram: 0siggystardust0