A change of plans

13 days of traveling are behind us and what a ride it’s been so far! Our adventures have seen us travel 10 148 km by plane, 572 km by train and 466 km by car! We have slept in 5 different beds and sailed with 3 different boats. It’s funny how when you travel time flies by, but at the same time I feel like I’ve been away from home for ages. We still have 44 days of traveling to go and I am beyond excited about the experiences that await us!

It’s also funny how you plan everything from home, but then find that once you are on the road plans almost always change and evolve, and this trip is no exception. We had originally planned to travel from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City by train and then fly from Ho Chi Minh to Yangon to travel around Myanmar by plane and train. We have however revised our itinerary, due to two issues that have arisen. First of all it is only possible to get a visa for Myanmar for 28 days which would mean we would have to spend around a month in Vietnam. Though there is plenty to see, this is my third time here and I feel like I would love to explore outside what is by now becoming my second home! 😉 

Also I have a fear of flying and I could feel that I was getting stressed out thinking about all the flights we would be taking during this trip. So Thomas and I have decided to change our plans and do the whole trip over land! This means we will be taking the train to Ho Chi Minh from Da Nang on Monday and then continuing on to Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Mae Sot, Hpa-An, Bago, Yangon, Ngwesaung and back to Yangon to fly home. This will mean a lot of buses and trains but that will be an adventure in itself!

So wish us luck and I’ll keep the blog updated along the way. ❤

Our planned route

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